Compost 40L Van Egmond

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Van Egmond Compost is an organic soil conditioner based on green compost and peat. This compost was collected from special compost heaps consisting of 100% green waste, guaranteeing the compost's high level of quality. Van Egmond Compost is extremely suitable for enriching lawns, borders, and vegetable gardens. It also serves to enrich the soil with organic components, thereby improving soil quality and biodiversity in your garden.


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Compost (Compost) 40L
Soil-nourishing planting materials and adding nutrients to the planting material

Compost has relatively high levels of nutrients and is produced from the fermentation of green plants.

RHB is a high quality standard for planting materials (potting soil), which not only guarantees the quality of the final product. But it also guarantees the raw materials used. As a result, this composite planting material is of high quality. Free from weeds, plant diseases, and harmful nematodes. Increases the respiration rate of plants and planting materials. and stable, which has RHB certification as high quality planting material Guarantees the integrity of composite materials
- Use mixed in newly used planting materials.
-Increase the flexibility of plants
-RHP standard

Capacity 40 liters

Instructions for use
Recommended use for
-Improve the soil and planting materials
- Add nutrients to the soil or planting material.
- It is not recommended to use pure Compost when growing plants because it has relatively high levels of nutrients.

- After opening the bag, it should not be stored in a place that is too hot or humid.
- during cultivation Always observe that the planting material should not be too wet.
- Regularly check the nutrients in the planting material so that the trees Receive complete nutrition

Organic material ingredients: 30-45%
PH value ~ 7.5 - 8.5
EC value ~ 1.0 – 1.8 mS/cm
Water storage capacity: 750 ml./liter
Nitrogen (N) ~ 8,5 – 12,5 kg/ton DM
Phosphate (P-Al) ~ 4,0 – 6,0 kg/ton DM
Potassium (K) ~ 6,5 – 8,5 kg/ton DM
Specific weight Respiration ~ 550 – 600 kg/ENm3
rate < 15 mmol/O2 per kg/o.s./hour

Total weight: approximately ~18 kg.

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